Jerry For Governor
2003 Jerry For Governor

Jerry Answers Questions from a Concerned Voter

  • What sort of financial plan do you have for the state to at least be out of a deficit by the time your term is over...and / or if you were re-elected for a second term?
    • Cutting the waste in several areas
      • Kill all non-essential gubernatorial "executive committees."
      • Kill all programs funding studies that can wait; or are duplications of programs that are federally funded
      • Layoff most of my personal staff, except for some key advisors and security personnel
      • Sell off all unused state property, like limos, real estate (buildings), etc.
      • Create a release and work-off-your-debt program for all non-violent criminal offenders; thus lowering the penal system costs
      • State grants and funding for research projects can wait until we are back in the black.
      • Modify the "Three Strikes Law" to be a more reasonable, effective program.  This will save over $4 billion alone
      • Get tough on the Illegal aliens working in this state, and deport them ASAP.  Slap the companies that are caught hiring these people with HUGE fines.
    • Increase Revenues
      • Sell naming rights to all state owned highways and buildings.  This could generate hundreds of millions of dollars
      • Allow schools to sell the name of the school to ease the burden on the state budget
      • Get sponsorship programs for advertising signage on all state owned vehicles, billboards, and buildings.

  • What do you think about cutting some of the programs that were recently implemented?  These same programs who were allowed to be operated on the basis of a consistent revenue, that we actually no longer have.  This is one of the main reasons for the budget crisis.  (You may also include your thoughts on ALL programs, in general).
    •  Yes.  See above

  • Obviously everyone cares about education, and as a state (and nation) it should be a major priority.  I actually have three questions:
    • What is your vision for the public school system (K-12 & College) in terms of financing (short & long term)?
      • Streamline the current system to save money.  For example, layoff most of the custodians.  Make the kids empty the trash and vacuum the rugs.
      • See the Naming Rights idea above
      • Cutting out layers of waste; such as having a Superintendent, Principle, Vice Principle, deans, and teachers that aren't worth a crap.  Take the additional funds and pay the very best teachers we can find in the country to teach our children.  Pay them good money.  Quality teaching is not as much about class size as it is about getting teachers that are the very best.  They can use resources, such as TA's, etc. to help with class size issues.

    • What are some issues that you'd like to see addressed (within budget)?
      • Finding out where the funding for the schools went when the politicians tricked us with the state lottery scam.  That money was supposed to SUPPLEMENT - not replace - the funding for the schools.

    • How can we find ways to allocate more funds to educational programs, WITHOUT taking away existing funds for other programs?
      • See Answer above.

  • What do you think of a card-link welfare system?  This is a system that cuts the cash aid of welfare recipients to a need-only basis.  Their groceries & other personal items would all be allotted in the form of the current electronic card system used in San Bernardino County.  Also, a state-wide system revamp of the entire welfare system, where the cash aid benefits were cut at approximately 10-15%?
    • I don't know much about this program.  I am in general all for increasing social programs, but putting in place checks and balances so that someone that needs help can attain it.  However, that person had better follow the program, each step of the way, and there will be a limit.  If they don't make it, they can pick up cans like the rest of the people that don't want to get back into society and work like the rest of us.

  • What is your opinion of the rising tuition costs at the University of California & California State University schools?  What do you think is the long-term goal of the UC/CSU's in terms of affordability to Californians?
    • College is expensive.  Someone has to pay.  Students can work and go to school.  I did, and they can too.  On the other hand, the state should (and does) subsidize the state college system.  Again, naming rights and sponsorship programs can be put in place to offset costs.  Plus, we should lower student fees (especially based on GPA).  Additionally, anyone that is not a resident of California should pay A LOT more to have the privilege of attending college in California.

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