Jerry For Governor
2003 Jerry For Governor

An In-Depth Look at Jerry


    • Tell me about yourself.
      • My name is Jerry Kunzman.  I am 39 years old, and I was born in San Francisco, California


    • Tell me about your education.
      • I graduated from Tracy High School, Tracy, CA in 1981.  Then I went to various colleges, eventually ending up at U.C. Berkeley from 1988 to 1991.  I founded my own successful business prior to graduation from Berkeley.


    • Are you married?
      • I am divorced.  I do have a girlfriend that I have been living with for 13 years.  I have no children.


    • What does your girlfriend do?
      • She is a high school teacher in Pinole, CA.


    • Do you have plans to get married?
      • No, both my girlfriend and I are very happy with our relationship the way it is.  We have a mutual commitment with each other and see no need to formalize it any further.


    • What do you do for fun?
      • I enjoy woodworking, am an avid animal lover, and am a technology enthusiast.  I enjoy auto-racing.  I also enjoy being an entrepreneur. 


    • Tell me about your professional career.
      • I founded Innovative Solutions in 1989, which was a computer network consulting business. I sold my interests in the company after three years.
      • I founded MicroNuts Engineering, a computer hardware and design company.  This was a consulting firm that existed for a few years. 
      • MicroNuts Engineering was contracted by a subsidiary company of Sprint, and they made me an offer that I could not refuse, so I became an employee of the Sprint subsidiary.
      • In 1994, I started working full time at my company, the National Auto Sport Association. I had founded the company in 1991, and watched it incubate in success to allow me to work in the business full time.  The company's success has grown from a local organization to a national organization.

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