Jerry For Governor
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    • Why should the people elect Jerry Kunzman?
      • I have a proven track record in leadership and managerial skills from running several of my own businesses, including the very successful National Auto Sport Association.  I have worked at a number of jobs from janitor to CEO.  With my training and experience in engineering, I focus on solving problems, rather than assessing blame.  I choose projects where I know I will succeed.  I know that I will have a great positive impact on the quality of life for every Californian.


    • How do you feel about not getting the budget done on time?  Is this the governorís problem?
      • The current budget dilemma has been temporarily solved.  There is still a deficit, and while issuing bonds was a very good idea for a short-term solution. There is a lot of work to be done to eliminate the deficit, and I have a solution.
      • In my administration, a deadline is a deadline.  There is no excuse for not meeting the statutory requirements.  I will propose financial sanctions for all members of the legislature including myself for each day the budget is delayed beyond the deadline.

    • What makes you think the population will support you?
      • I share common values and dilemmas of most Californians.  I was born here and have lived most of my life here.  I know the people of this state very well.  I am not a rich man, and have always earned my own way.  I am a common working man, just like most of the people of this state.  I am a self-made businessman and I believe that I will have the support of most of the population.


    • What do you see your role as governor as?
      • I see myself as a problem solver.  I believe in getting the job done while taking a non-partisan stance on the issues.  I intend to run California as a business; it is one of the larger economic super powers in the world.  California needs proper leadership; I am that leader.


    • What would you do to accomplish your goals as governor?
      • Go through the state budget and look at ways we can improve efficiency; reduce government.
      • Educational system reforms.  Better quality education today leads to better quality of living in the future.
      • Economy and business Ė enhance the business environment; attract more businesses into California, thus creating more jobs.
      • Tackle issues in Health and Social Services .


    • Any non-legislative items you would like to influence?
      • Somehow extend the existing laws and regulations on pornography to include the restriction of distribution of unsolicited pornographic pictures sent via e-mail.


    • What would you do to help with the budget in the time you have in office?
      • Practicality- Analyze each item under my control for its overall effectiveness and necessity vs. its cost and practicality.
      • Timelines- Look for items that can be modified to produce positive short-term improvements.
      • Analyze the overall picture and judge each budget item in terms of whether it is in line with the future goals.


    • How long do you want to be governor?
      • I believe that I will be able to accomplish most of the important things that need to be done during my first term.


    • What makes you think that you can fix the problems?
      • The governor of California must be one thing: a leader.  A leader that can bring CA through these times to a future of new hope and opportunity.  Additionally, I have shown over the years, in my own business the ability to lead all types of people regardless of race, political views, creed, age, etc.  I also understand trade-offs and compromise.  I know how to make smart deals and how to get the job done.  I have solved just about every problem that I have tackled.  I donít see this to be that much different.  I will however need the cooperation of the state senate and the assembly in order to accomplish things in the most expeditious manner.  I believe that most of my solutions will be welcome by both parties as they are solutions based in practicality and not politics.  California will have a great tomorrow if we make the right choices today.


    • Give an example of how you brought together two or three diametrically opposed factions into an agreement.
      • I have mediated a large number of situations from disputes between neighbors to finding practical ways for people to compromise and work together so that both sides end up with what they really want.  Often times, people involved in emotional turmoil have a hard time figuring out what they really want.  This is where I have been most successful; in figuring out what all parties really want.  Then itís simply a matter of finding the give-and-take in the situation.


    • What do you do for a living?
      • I am the Chief Executive Officer of the National Auto Sport Association (N.A.S.A.).  We host and promote automobile races and high performance driving events at road-course race tracks (like Laguna Seca) around the country.  One of our primary functions is to serve as an outlet for the car enthusiast to have fun with their car in a relatively safe and controlled environment, rather than doing it on the street.  We produce much better and safer drivers through our programs.  More information can be found at or by calling 510-232-6272.


    • What would you do in the first 30 days in office?
      • Since I am not a career politician, I expect it to take the first month just to get caught up with all the issues and sort out the logistics of staffing, etc.  To be realistic, I would expect to see lots of internal changes, but probably no miracles for the people of California.


    • What does it look like at the end of the term?
      • I certainly expect to have at least two years of a balanced budget and a much improved business climate with businesses relocating to California which will bring jobs.  Just as importantly, I expect to have provided the educational system with the funding and support it needs to significantly impact the state of the schools both in terms of facilities maintenance that will give the students an environment conducive to learning, a place they want to go to and learn, as well as quality of education with adequate books, supplies and appropriately compensated and qualified teachers and administrators.


    • Who is likely to vote for you?

 People who want and appreciate a leader with practical values.

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