Jerry For Governor
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o       Budget

§         I believe that we must manage the budget as any business would.  With decreasing revenues, we cannot afford to run in a deficit condition.  We must trim our expenses in proportion to the revenue losses.

§         With our current budget situation, we have to get creative in raising additional revenue as well as looking for inefficiencies within the existing government structure.

§         I will eliminate all non-essential gubernatorial executive committees

§         I propose that we sell the naming rights to state-owned highways, buildings, and parks.  This could potentially generate several hundred million dollars in additional revenue.

§         I also propose selling advertising space on all state-owned vehicles, and place signage on all state-owned facilities.  This could generate additional hundreds of millions of dollars.



o       Education

§         I believe that the people have been fooled by the funding situation with regards to the state lottery.  The lottery was supposed to supplement the school budget, not replace it.  The politicians have taken funding away from the schools and replaced those funds with the money from the lottery.  This needs to be fixed immediately.

§         The effectiveness and efficiency of the educational system must be improved.  This increase in efficiency will free up more funds to be recycled back into other areas of the educational system.

§         Commercialization of educational institutions.  Give the schools the ability to accept contributions from outside companies to help fund the school in exchange for naming rights.  For example, instead of “Anytown High School,” it might be renamed “Intel High School,” in exchange for a certain amount of funding over a ten year period.  Again, this is just an example.


o       Economy

·        Create a business friendly environment

§         Reduce or eliminate state corporate taxes.

§         Reduce or eliminate business license fees.

§         Reduce or eliminate permit fees.

§         Balance consumer and business protection in terms of product quality vs. product liability.

·        Jobs

§         Eliminate Payroll Taxes

§         Tax credits for hiring people to reduce corporate property taxes

·        Eliminate the State income tax for low income people

·        Senior Citizens (65+)

§         Eliminate state sales tax for senior citizens

§         Reduce Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fees by half

§         Eliminate all state fees for hunting, fishing, park access, and camping

§         Eliminate the state excise tax on gasoline / diesel fuel for senior citizens

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