Googling for 800 Numbers

Recently, I had a customer with an Outlook problem and they Googled Microsoft’s 800 number for technical support. Twenty minutes into a this phone call, it was obvious the 800 number that came up in Google was not Microsoft’s real phone number. Instead, they ended up calling a third-party company claiming to be Microsoft. The company remotely logged into this customers machine and then refused to disconnect from their computer after my customer turned down their $300 repair fee. My customer pulled the power cord on their computer and thankfully I was able to remove the remote access software this company had installed and undid the damage.

Hopefully this will now be a lesson learned for all of my customers. When looking for a tech support phone number, don’t rely on Google. It’s unfortunate that so many companies make it difficult the find their number, but if you do need it – go directly to the company website and find the number there.

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