Windows 7 Tips and Tutorials

Many of my customers are transitioning over to Windows 7. In many ways, Windows 7 is very similar to past versions of Windows. At the same time there are a number of very useful features in Windows 7 that many people may not know about. Microsoft has developed a great website to familiarize you with many of the new Windows 7 features.

Getting Started With Windows 7 Video and Printable PDFs:

Microsoft/Computer Repair Cold Call Scam

Recently I have talked to a number of clients who have gotten a call from Microsoft telling them that they detected some kind of problem with their computer that needs to be repaired. They then try to get you to go to a website so they can remote into the computer and help you fix it.

This is a scam. Microsoft will never cold call you. The person/company claiming to be Microsoft wants to remote in, create an issue and expect payment to fix it. If you get one of these calls, tell them not to call back and hang up!

You can read more about it in this Microsoft announcement: